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What is Speed Poker?

Speed Poker is one of the newer formats of cash poker to be offered by Paddy Power, and can be played at either the Hold'em or Omaha tables. With Speed Poker you play against a pool of players rather than just one table of players. You'll also face a much greater variety of players, as - with each Speed fold - you'll be instantly taken to a new table and dealt a new hand straight away!

How do I start playing?

Simply click on the Speed Poker tab in the poker lobby and choose from Hold'em or Omaha. Once you've chosen, you'll be taken straight into the action. Don't like your starting hand? Just hit the 'Speed Fold' button at any time, and you'll be whisked away to a new table and a new hand!

When will the Game start?

All Speed Poker games start instantly as you join the existing player pool.

Are Speed Poker games a good place to start for beginners?

With low stake tables available - such as €0.02/€0.05 - beginners can very quickly play a lot of hands in a short space of time, experimenting with different starting hand combinations within the space of one playing session. It is however worth appreciating that playing higher stake levels can be dangerous, as losses can accumulate more quickly.

What is the blind structure?

As with all cash games, Speed Poker tables have set blinds which never change. If you go bust in Speed Poker games you can always re-buy rather than have to leave the table. However, be aware that as you move tables your seat position will be randomly set, so it's really the luck of the draw as to how often you get the button or are hit with the big blind.

What happens if I disconnect?

If you disconnect in any Cash Game you will be immediately sat out. Once sat out you'll not be dealt cards or be forced to pay blinds.

What are the cash games fees?

Speed Poker Games - as with all cash games - are charged on a system called 'rake'. Here a small percentage of the pot is taken by the house each hand (as long as the hand gets to the flop). This typically ranges from between one and five percent of the pot, depending on the size of the pot.

What different types of Speed Poker are played?

All Speed Poker games involve six player and can be played as either Hold'em or Omaha. A variety of stakes are available, from low (€0.02/€0.05) to higher (€1/€2). Hold'em tables play as no limit, while Omaha tables play with a pot-limit betting structure.

When can I leave?

You can leave a cash game at any point, making them the perfect format if you think you might be called away at short notice.

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