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What are Cash Games?

Cash games feature blinds that never change, with every chip in play representing its actual cash value (i.e. a 50c chip on the table is worth 50c in real life). You can join a cash game whenever you want, and leave whenever you want.

How do I start playing?

Simply look for a table running at the level you want to play at and sit down. You can sit at an empty table to start your own game, or join a game already underway (as long as there is at least one free seat). You can also join a waiting list if there’s a specific full table you want to join next.

When will the game start?

As soon as at least two active players are at a table, a cash game will begin.

Are Cash Games a good place to start for beginners?

If you select the correct blind levels cash games can be a great place to hone your blossoming skills. Jumping into a €5/€10 will be a baptism of fire as you’re likely to encounter very skilled players, so beginners should instead pick low-limit tables (e.g. .01c/.02c) where the possibility of losing large sums is reduced as you perfect your game.

What are the Blinds?

Unlike tournament poker, the blinds at a cash table never go up. This means there’s no time pressure at a cash table. Also, if you lose all your chips you can simply add more at the table without leaving the game.

What happens if I disconnect?

You’ll immediately be sat out of a cash game should you ever disconnect. Unlike in tournaments, if disconnected at a cash table you’ll never be compelled to post blinds in your absence and can return to the same stack once connected again.

What are the Cash Game Fees?

Cash games don’t have specific fee like tournaments; instead a small percentage of the pot is taken for the house. This is called the “rake” and is typically between one and five percent of the pot depending on the size of the pot. We don’t take rake from pots that don’t get to a flop; we’re nice like that.

What different type of Cash Games are played?

You can choose from a wide variety of cash game formats, including heads-up, full ring (9-handed) or six-max tables. You can also play at numerous limits from micro stakes right up to the “nose bleed” high-roller tables. Find the game that suits you and get crushing!

When can I leave?

You can step in and out of cash games whenever you want. You can choose to leave the table when you’re next due to post the big blind, or just fold the hand you’re on and get up. You can also sit out, and return should you need to suddenly attend to something really important (like the microwave pinging or remembering you left the dog in the garden).

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