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What are Multi Table Tournaments?

As the name suggests, Multi-Table Tournaments are large-scale poker tournaments able to host a virtually unlimited number of participants. All players pay the same fee and receive the same starting stack. All players are randomly split across as many tables as are needed to host the field, and as players are knocked out, the number of tables slowly reduces down to one, with players being balanced across all tables as the field shrinks. Once the last surviving players are all at the 'final table', the game continues until one player has all the chips in play. Players are paid out according to where they finish, not by how many chips they have at any given point.

How do I sign up?

Just open the lobby for the tournament you'd like to play in and click 'Register'. All MTTs can be found under the "Scheduled Tournaments" tab in the main lobby.

When will the game start?

Multi-Table Tournaments start at specific times, as detailed in the relevant lobby.

Are Multi Table Tournaments a good start for beginners?

Although complex in strategy and structure than Sit & Go's, MTTs are still hugely popular with beginners and provide a great place to learn and improve your game. MTTs tend to have deeper stacks, larger prize pools and longer durations spent playing, so Multi-Table Tournaments are certainly one of the best ways to take your game to the next level.

What is the Blind Structure?

As with all tournaments, the blinds steadily increase in MTTs to keep the game moving. MTTs also tend to add an ante at a certain level, boosting the action further still. The complete blind structure is always shown in the lobby of each specific tournament, both before it starts and during the game.

What happens if I disconnect?

If disconnected, you will immediately be sat out of the game. You'll still be dealt a hand, but it will be instantly folded, and you'll still have the blinds (and antes if in play) taken from your stack as play continues without you.

What are the Tournament Fees?

MTTs always have a tournament fee of 10%, so a €10 buy in MTT would have a fee of €1 added to it, and the buy in would be shown as €10+1. Fees are always shown clearly next to the buy in when in the lobby.

What different types of Tournaments are played?

Paddy Power Poker offers a number of MTT variants: we have nine-handed, six-handed and heads-up. They also come in a variety of structures, ranging from slower-paced, deep-stacked events, right up to action-packed turbos tournaments.

What is the payout structure?

MTTs usually pay the top 10% of the field, with most of the spoils going to those players who make the final table. The largest pay outs go to the top three finishers, with the winner taking the best prize of all.

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