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What are Sit and Go's?

Sit and Go's are small, single or multi-table tournaments, that constantly run at Paddy Power Poker. All players involved buy in for the same amount and are then given an equal amount of chips. Players are paid out on where they finish, not on the amount of chips they have at any given point.

How do I sign up?

Simply open up the Sit and Go lobby, select the stake and table size you want to play for, click register, and off you go!

When will the game start?

Sit and Go's start as soon as they have the required number of players registered, as described in the relevant lobby. The tournaments tend to start very soon after you register, as the format players tend to sign up very quickly.

Are Sit and Go Tournaments a good starting point for beginners?

Yes, Sit and Go's are one of the best ways to learn to play poker. They are a great way to see a large number of hands, with small, set buy ins, and have a large percentage of the field being paid (typically around a third of the field). Many of the top online players started out on Sit and Go's, and they are a great way to learn the basics of poker.

What is the Blind Structure?

The exact timings of the levels differ depending on whether you opt for a regular format or turbo format Sit and Go. All Sit and Go's feature scheduled rising of the blinds to force the action. The exact blind structure of any tournament is always found in the tournament lobby, both before the tournament and once it's underway.

What happens if I disconnect?

You will immediately be sat out if you ever disconnect during a Sit and Go. You'll still be dealt a hand, but it will be instantly folded. You'll still have the blinds (and antes if in play) taken from your stack as play continues without you.

What are the Tournament Fees?

Paddy Power takes a small fee for hosting the tournament, and though it depends upon the structure of the specific tournament in question, the fee will typically be between 5% and 10% of the buy in. For example, a €10, nine-man Sit and Go will have a tournament fee of €1, and be displayed as €10+1 in the lobby. Tournament fees are always shown clearly next to the buy in within the lobby.

What different types of Tournaments are played?

We offer heads-up, six-man, and nine-man Sit and Go's. You'll find all available Sit and Go tournaments options in the Sit and Go lobby.

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