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Online poker – the biggest game in town

The global gaming market was worth $237 billion in 2004. Of this just 3.9% was interactive ($9.35 billion), indicating the huge potential for growth in the online gaming market. (source: Global Betting and Gaming Consultants)
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Paddy Power Poker – The best little card house in Texas (Hold 'Em)

Paddy Power Poker, Ireland's largest online poker community, was launched in January 2005. It quickly made an impact on the burgeoning Irish and British poker scene and has developed a reputation as 'the poker player's best friend'.
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Poker in popular culture

Poker has given the world some of its most colourful characters, tantalising tales and seductive language.
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The basics of Texas Hold 'Em

Texas Hold 'Em is primarily a game of skill but, like in life, luck plays its part. It can be played with up to 23 players but is commonly played with up to 10 players per table. Download Document »

A brief history of poker

The origins of poker are shrouded in mystery. It is generally thought to be an amalgam of card games such as As Nas (Persian), Pochen (German), and Poque (French) brought to the melting pot of New Orleans, USA in the early 19th Century.
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The Irish and poker – top o' the world ma!

Perhaps it should not be surprising that, like in the worlds of literature and music, the Irish punch above their weight in the world of poker. Indeed, a handful of adventurous Irishmen have been instrumental in the development of the game in Europe.
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