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Press Release in Imperial Cock Up

Millimetres to inches conversion fouls prestigious poker tournament

1st April

The €2million guaranteed Irish Poker Open was thrown into disarray last night as
39,750 forty inch novelty chips, destined for use in the tournament, were delivered to
the company after an administrative blunder.

The chips, which arrived in twelve forty-foot containers and are currently being
transferred to storage, were ordered in error and the company now has less than one
week to find 40,000 usable alternatives.

“Poker chips are always 40mm wide, it is an industry standard,” said Poker Marketing
Manager Ross O’Mullane.

“I signed a booking form with American company Novelty Chips-n-Tricks, not
noticing some inverted commas after the number 40.”

Company bosses have told O’Mullane his jobs on the line unless he can find a
worthwhile use for the one metre discs.

“These chips are truly huge, we’re looking at having a giant card game in a field
somewhere, or maybe we could build shelters for homeless people.”

Greatly appreciated suggestions for worthwhile use of the chips should be sent to

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not accept bets from US residents.

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