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Media Resources

  • Press Releases
    Whether keeping up to date with the latest news or searching for historical information you'll find it all here.

  • Press Pack
    A comprehensive overview of the history of poker, the Irish connection,, the poker business and Paddy Power PLC.

  • Paddy Power Poker Logos
    Need a Paddy Power Poker logo or image to stick in your magazine or on your website?

  • Media Coverage
    We're one of the most talked about companies in Ireland. What has the press been saying about

Media Info

  • About Us
    Does Paddy Power actually exist?, how much money do we make?, how did we become so good at what we do? What is our ethos?

  • Paddy Power Gallery
    Paddy Power is one of the most innovative and irreverent marketing machines in the land. Have a look at some of our more memorable advertisements

  • People Playing Poker
    Hundreds of photos of poker players, party people and random punters at the 2006 Irish Open. Don't blame us if we didn't capture your good side!

  • Contact
    We love to talk so get in touch if you need more information