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Poker Security & Fairness

Our RNG has been certified by the independent body TST TECHNICAL SYSTEMS TESTING:

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A critical aspect of any card game is the random shuffle of the deck. We take this very seriously and want to share with you our approach. The two critical aspects are the use of unpredictable random numbers, and the approach to ensuring a random and unpredictable ordering of the deck.

RNG Overview

How can I be sure that the shuffle is random and my cards are dealt fairly?

The poker software has been extensively tested by an independent testing lab who specialize in this type of analysis, TST TECHNICAL SYSTEMS TESTING. In addition to examining the Random Number Generator (RNG) code, they run samples of 10 million hands and examine the results against statistical norms for every type of hand. For example, there must be a range of hands with one pair, two pair, full houses, 4-of-a-kind, etc. The sampling must fall within the normal boundaries against established norms. In each case this has proved to be true.

Why do I sometimes see very strange events or strings of bad luck at the table?

There are numerous reasons why the deal will sometimes not appear to be random

  • Firstly, playing online you will be dealt far more hands than in a casino – (approximately 55 – 75 hands per hour online vs. 25 in a casino).
  • Secondly, a few hundred hands or even a couple of thousand, do NOT represent a meaningful sampling of hands, at least 30–40 thousand hands are required to begin to form a meaningful sample.
  • Also, we tend to NOTICE strange events far more than normal events, for instance, when we lose two tough hands in a short period with KK or AA, we feel that this is very improbable. However, we tend not to notice when our 67 beats KK and our 44 beats AA – In other words we attribute greater significance to events that are against us and tend not to notice when we are the beneficiaries of the same luck in our favor.
  • Players online tend to play far more hands, which means often there are more players seeing the flop and players stay in hands online longer, this all results in many more bad beats for the favored hand – because there are more players drawing against the best hand.
  • A concrete example of the above is ... In Holdem, AA against a random hand might be a 65 % favorite, against 2 hands, a 60 % favorite against 3 hands about 50 % and so on. The more hands drawing against you and the longer they stay in the hand, the more likely the best hand will lose.

Random Numbers

Our software utilizes a sophisticated Random Number Generator that ensures a randomized outcome for all the games. In the poker games, the RNG will distribute cards drawn from a shoe of one deck of cards and the cards dealt are completely random. As a result, we have many players who win, and at the same time others who lose; this is the nature of gambling. As you are essentially playing against each other and not the dealer, we also take necessary measures to protect our players against cheating and collusion by other players.

Random Number Generator

Random Number Generator (usually referred to as RNG) is a hardware device used to ensure the fairness of the poker games. RNG generates a sequence of numbers which correspond to various results in all the games. Nobody can predict the next number in a series, no matter how many previously generated numbers have come out. RNG’s outcome can not be modified or predicted in any way, so the results of the games are really based on a combination of luck and game skills. The results of the games coming from the RNG are not player dependent. The RNG works for the whole gaming system.

Security consider the security and privacy of our players as a top priority. It is our goal to protect our players and to make you feel completely comfortable and confident using our software.

We utilize a true random number generators to ensure total game integrity to providing our players with real-time on demand transaction and game histories from within the poker software.


A key area of online security is encryption using the SSL mechanism, that is to say that information you provide us with is encrypted so that it cannot be read across the Internet. 128–bit SSL Encryption is used on all pages of our payment system.

We employ a team of advanced analysts how constantly monitor the software and employ a series of industry leading tools and reporting to guard against collusion and fraudulent activity.

Privacy Policy

In line with the Data Protection Act 1998. and all subsidiaries of Paddy Power plc have issued a statement in order to demonstrate our commitment to the privacy of our web site visitors and customers. We will not release your information for use by a third party.

Game Integrity employ a combination of automated and human monitoring tools to identify and prevent any irregular play patterns or incidences of collusion between players, thus ensuring fair gaming and a pleasant, honest poker environment.

Advanced algorithms designed by veteran poker professionals and industry experts are set to trigger system events should any such patterns be identified; all gaming activity – every card, hand, move, win, loss, etc. – is recorded by the system to aid investigation.

Player collusion is something that all players detest, and is a form of cheating whereby two or more players are working together to gain an unfair advantage over other players on a table. has enlisted the services of a team of experienced Poker players utilizing a sophisticated monitoring system that automatically detects suspicious play patterns in the Poker tables.

Players using Playtech's software can be assured that the game includes a sophisticated suite of analysis tools used extensively by the Collusion detection team, and these tools, together with trained observers/surveillance executives working 24/7 will keep cheats where they belong – well away from our games!! have a zero tolerance policy towards fraud and collusion. Perpetrators will be permanently banned from our poker room.


Our approach relies on well-accepted random number generation tools, relying on system entropy to generate random seeds. We then use a system known to generate randomly distributed numbers from the seed number. As a further security step, we periodically select a new seed. Our decks are randomized prior to first use, and then serve as the random base from which a randomizing shuffle is applied.

Explanation of terms:

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