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Using the Lobby

There are key parts to the Poker Lobby – for your ease of use here is a quick fire guide to help you navigate your way around.

Top Navigations, View Configuration, & Filters

1. This is the top navigation bar from which you can access

  1. Your account pages which allow you to deposit, withdraw and change your personal details
  2. The software settings such as sound, the color of the deck, and your avatar settings.
  3. Lobby Chat – this is the in-client instant messaging facility which allows you to interact with other players where you can discuss bigs wins, bad beats and much more besides.
  4. Search Player – do you like playing with one particular guy? If so this allows you to see if he is online and identify which table he is at.
  5. Contact Us – we like to get your feedback and deal with your queries – if you need to contact us you can find our contact details in this tab.
  6. Help – this is a general list of frequently asked questions and readymade solutions.
  7. Online Support – if you want service and you want it now then click here and you will get instant live support from our poker support manager.

2. We understand that there is more than one way to look at something and that’s why we offer you more than one way of looking at the poker software – why not try the two options and decide which one is best for you.

3. Simple and easy to use filters help to refine what you see in the poker lobby display. If you just want medium stakes no limit games then click these buttons and get where you want to be quicker and easier than ever.

Poker Lobby Display - Top Navigations, View Configuration, & Filters

Left Navigation

4. The left navigation is like the cockpit of an aeroplane but just a little less complicated. It has all the buttons and controls that point you in the right direction and get you where you want to be. You can select if you want to play Cash Games, Sit and go’s or Tournaments – then you can also select what type of game you wish to play. If cash games are your thing you can choose Holdem, Omaha or even some of our Asian games like 13 Card (Chinese) Poker. Same goes for both the tournaments and sit and go sections – we also have a couple of handy extra tabs that take you to our land based event qualifiers.

Poker Lobby Display - Left Navigation

Shortcut Buttons & Available Games List

5. This area has some buttons which, just like a well maintained day planner, are there to try and make life easier for you

  1. The Quick Seat button takes you through a couple of easy steps that get you seated quicker that you can say quick seat.
  2. The My favorites tab is a handy way of keeping track of the tournaments you are currently registered for.
  3. The Casino Side Games tab is there to bring you to the portal of instant entertainment that is our Casino Side games offering. In here you can have a spin on roulette, try your hand at blackjack or play on our supercool animated slots such as Gladiator and Lotto Madness. Why not click and take a look for yourself.

6. Once you have fiddled with the filters and selected your preferred game types in the left navigation this area will display the available games in which you can play.

Poker Lobby Display - Shortcut Buttons & Available Games List