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Poker Security & Fairness


This Evaluation Results Letter pertains to Technical Systems Testing (TST)'s Update Compliance Evaluation of Playtech Limited (Playtech)'s Poker System Random Number Generator (RNG), for use within highly-regulated jurisdictions worldwide.

TST's evaluation of Playtech's RNG was performed with the aim of identifying and detailing system weaknesses and potential issues of non-compliance with applicable requirements from the following standards and specifications:

  • Playtech's technical specifications for their RNG, and
  • Generally-accepted industry standards for highly-regulated jurisdictions worldwide.

TST had previously evaluated an earlier version of Playtech's RNG. Accordingly, the scope of work for the current Update Compliance Evaluation of Playtech's RNG included (but was not necessarily limited to) the following elements:

  • Submitted Documentation Review (Check for Changes),
  • Source Code Comparison (Check for Changes),
  • RNG Testing (Test Changes), and
  • Final Outcome Distribution Tests.

TST successfully completed the Update Compliance Evaluation of the Playtech RNG on 19 May 2010.

TST has verified, through mathematical and statistical analysis, that Playtech's RNG distributes numbers with fair distribution, lack of bias to particular outcomes and sufficient non-predictably. TST's Final Outcome Distribution Tests were performed using confidence intervals between 95% and 98%, which are documented intervals of confidence for such statistical analysis.

The evaluation has shown that Playtech's RNG produces a statistically acceptable source of random numbers for the following Playtech games / applications:

Game Type Game Name Mathematical Degrees of Freedom (DOFs)
Texas Hold'em 51
Omaha 51
Omaha Hi-Lo 51
5 Card Stud 51
7 Card Stud 51
Razz 51

Subject to 1) the inherent limitations of laboratory compliance testing, and 2) any specific limitations stemming from the scope of work as listed above, it is TST's position that Playtech's RNG complies with the requirements listed above. Accordingly, TST recommends the approval of Playtech's RNG, for use within highly-regulated jurisdictions worldwide.

TST's evaluation was performed using a particular test version of Playtech's RNG. TST's evaluation was therefore based on specific information and materials (including, but not necessarily limited to, hardware, software, source code, documentation and general correspondence), as submitted to TST throughout the duration of the project.

For verification purposes, TST has maintained a control version (or the means of verifying the control version) of all information and materials submitted to TST during the evaluation.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Noah Turner

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)