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Texas Holdem Rules

The game of Texas Hold’em is a fast paced 7–card game. Many people consider Hold’em to be the most popular and exciting variation of poker. Each player gets two face down cards. The remaining cards are community cards, dealt face up in the center of the table, to be shared by all players.

The flow

  1. The game begins with the posting of the small blind by the person to the left of the virtual dealer.
  2. The player to the immediate left posts the big blind.
  3. Each player is dealt two cards, face down, at the start. These are called the pocket cards.
  4. Following the dealing of the pocket cards is a round of betting, beginning with the first participating player to the left of the virtual dealer. This first round of betting is at the lower level of the table stakes. In a $10/$20 game, each bet in this round is $10.
  5. Next, three community cards are dealt, face up. These are called the flop.
  6. Now there is another round of betting. This second round is again at the lower stakes level.
  7. A fourth card, called the turn is dealt face up.
  8. Once again, there is a round of betting. Now betting in this third round is at the higher stakes level. Using the $10/$20 game example, all bets are now $20
  9. A fifth and final face up card, called the river is dealt.
  10. A final round of betting is held. Once again, the betting in this fourth round is at the higher stakes level.
  11. Beginning with the last player to bet, players must show or muck their hands. This is called the Showdown.

In Texas Hold’em, betting always begins with the first active player to the left of the dealer button.

The winning hand is the strongest hand found by combining a player’s pocket cards and the community cards. You can win with a hand made up from both your pocket cards and three community cards, or one pocket card and four community cards. You can even share in the winning if you are still in and the board, the five community cards, makes up the winning hand.

We offer 9 seat, 6 seat, and head–to–head Hold’em games.

Pot Limit and No Limit Hold’em

Pot Limit and No Limit Hold’em are two exciting variants of this popular poker game.
The rules are the same, except for betting.

Rules that apply to both Pot Limit and No Limit
  • The minimum bet is the larger of the big blind or the last bet/raise.
  • No cap on number of raises (except when an under–raise has been made).

The rules for both variants are the same with one exception:
  • Pot Limit: A player may bet or raise any amount between minimum bet and the amount of money in the pot. The amount of money in the pot includes money in the pot, money in front of other players, money raked, and the amount needed by the current player to call prior betting.
  • No Limit: A player may bet or raise any amount from the higher of the big blind or the last bet/raise.

Head–to–Head Hold’em

This exciting variation of Hold’em allows you to pit your skills against just one other player. Our poker room enforces the traditional special Blinds rule for one–on–one Hold’em, whether at one of our special two seat tables, or at a larger table at which only two players are seated. Only in head–to–head poker, the blinds are handled differently than you might expect.

The small blind is posted by the dealer, rather than the player to the left of the dealer. The other player posts the big blind. On our tables that support more than two players, our system will switch to head–to–head rules whenever there are only two players dealt in.


We offer both single table and multi-table tournaments. Tournaments are another exciting and fun way to play your favourite variety of poker. Compete to win all the chips and take home the first place payout if you succeed! See the Tournaments page for a look at what tournaments are currently on offer...and Good Luck!