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Poker Hand Nicknames

You don't have to know these of course, but it may help your banter in the chat room and its always good to be one up on your friends.

Poker Term Meaning
Ace of Hearts Ace of Clubs Pocket Rockets, Bullets, American Airlines
King of Clubs King of Hearts Cowboys, King Kong, Kangaroo's
Queen of Clubs Queen of Hearts Double date, Canadian Aces, Siegfried and Roy, Jailhouse Rock
Jack of Hearts Jack of Clubs Fish hooks, Jay Birds
Nine of Diamonds Nine of Hearts German virgin (Nein, Nein)
Eight of Hearts Eight of Clubs Snowmen, Two fat ladies
Seven of Diamonds Seven of Clubs Sunset strip, Mullets
Six of Diamonds Six of Spades Route 66
Five of Diamonds Five of Clubs Speed limit
Four of Spades Four of Hearts Magnum, Sail boat
Three of Hearts Three of Clubs Crabs
Two of Clubs Two of Spades Ducks, Pocket Swans
Ace of Spades King of Hearts Big slick, Anna Kournikova
Queen of Clubs Ace of Diamonds Big chick
Ace of Diamonds Jack of Clubs Black Jack, Jack-ass
King of Hearts Queen of Clubs Royalty, Marriage
King of Spades Jack of Clubs Kojak, Tucson Monster
Jack of Diamonds Five of Clubs Jackson five, Motown
Three of Clubs Queen of Diamonds Gay waiter (Queen with a Trey)
Nine of Diamonds Five of Spades Dolly Parton (9 to 5)
Ace of Diamonds Eight of Clubs Dead man's hand (A player named Wild Bill Hickok was shot
in 1876 after winning with it!)
King of Spades Nine of Clubs Canine
Jack of Diamonds Four of Spades Flat tyre