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Poker Hands and Odds


  • Hand Ranking

    It’s important to brush up on those all important hand rankings. We’ve listed out the possible hands you will come across and how they rank, together with a short definition and a graphic representation of the hand in question. Straight Flush


  • Free Odds Calculator

    Learn more about your opponents playing habits by downloading our FREE Odds Calculator. This nifty tool will enable you to improve your game immediately
  • Starting Hands Calculator Starting Hands Calculator If you want to learn more about the strength of our starting hand this is the tool for you. Select any starting hand and our tool will tell you how strong it is.

Tips & Stats

  • Top Ten Tips Top 10 Tips If you are new to the game of online poker we’ve outlined our Top 10 Tips for you keep in mind when deciding to sit at the tables.
  • 10 Interesting Stats 10 Interesting Stats Have you always hated maths? Does the thought of calculating statistics give you goose bumps? We’ve given 10 stats which will help you get started playing online poker?