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Doctor Jack's Stack Attack

Poker getting you down? Feel the need for some lovin and advice?

Our resident poker pro’ is half Dr Phil half Dr Ruth and all Dr Poker-Love. Dr Jack is on hand 24/7 to listen to your poker woes, help you find your inner pro and point you in the general direction of easy money. In addition to this every day we will pick a selection from, and print it on our web site. Not only that but every week you could be selected for our “Stack Attack” feature. Writer of “Stack Attack” letter of the week will receive a $20 Bonus!

Hi Doctor Jack,

I am having some success in Double Up Sit’n’Gos but when it comes to Multi Table Tournaments (MTTs) I am too eager to get a high chip stack and usually get caught out early on.  Additionally, in regular Sit’n’Gos I struggle to play heads up, also as a result of over-eagerness; have you any advice?



Hello Jahole! 

Thank you for getting in contact – I love to hear from players and there are few problems I haven’t heard before; your problem is especially common!

One great positive to take from your correspondence is that you already taste success by way of our Double Up Sit’n’Go tournaments – well done!  These STTs are a fine way to build your bankroll, as the variance is quite low and the format suits players who are able to rely on a ‘non-flashy’ style of slow-and-steady poker.

Additionally, your success in the Double Ups show that you have poker skills in spades, being a winning poker player is never sometime to sneeze at.  I wouldn’t be too quick to forget about your Double Up Sit’n’Go roots; if these games are making you money (and, in addition to the enjoy we get from playing our favourite game, money is what it is all about for many of us!) you should continue to play and watch the dollars roll in, as bountiful as the kisses my darling Jacqueline bestows on me when I give her a back massage!

However, if you are certain you want to try to replicate your Double Up success in both MTTs and regular Sit’n’Gos, you will certainly need to carefully examine your play in each.  Why are you getting knocked out so early?  You mention you are too eager to build a big stack – obviously over-eagerness is to blame for your lack of success!

To better prepare yourself for the different battleground that is MTTs, take a look at the strategy articles in our Poker School and check out the Tutorial Videos we’ve added; these should really help you improve your game.  Unless you are playing a turbo MTT, remember that you do not have to chip up so quickly and can pick-and-choose when you get involved; always do so on your own terms! 

Understand position (it helps in the bedroom as well!), know the relative strength of starting hands inside-and-out and how the changing texture of the board will affect your opportunities.  Know when to build a pot and when you need to exercise pot-control (if you are out of position and you’ve a weak made hand, you don’t want to inflate the pot beyond your control!).

Standard Sit’n’Gos are similar in that your solid grounding in the Double Ups will insure that you’ve the skills needed to prosper, you just need to adapt your winning ways to the new format.  Don’t be afraid to move down stakes when learning and remember you’ll need to put in the effort to improve your skills and increase your Return on Investment (ROI) percentage – it isn’t going to happen overnight I’m afraid!

I must go; I can hear my Jacqueline calling from the boudoir – poker is important, but some things are more important again!

May you reach every final table,

Dr. Jack

All about Dr Jack

Dr Jack is one of four brothers from a large family of fifty two. A dapper gent, you will always see him in a suit. Although on the more debauched side, he claims to like a woman with a nice pair and has occasion to get blind drunk on his favoured tipple, “Gin”. He likes to run occasionally and would describe himself as straight, although most people do think he is a bit nuts. He was once caught folding to a gay waiter...

Flush with cash and a member of several affluent clubs, he once ran a marginally successful fresh water lobster farm. Unfortunately the business flopped leaving him feeling like a bit of a cowboy. He left the world of opulence to follow his heart all the way to poker heaven. His peers describe him as a “diamond geezer” and “one of a kind”. Those who have fallen foul to his superior skills refer to him with less gracious terms.

Dr Jack lives in a rather full house in the Cotswold’s with his two dogs Siegfried and Roy and a Bolivian tree frog called Boris.