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How to Play Cash Games

Before starting

  1. Determine a threshold of loss for yourself, and if you cross it stop playing immediately.
  2. Set aside a certain amount of playing time and be careful not to go over your self-imposed limit.
  3. Don’t play when you’re tired, upset or under the influence of any substance, licit or illicit.
  4. Spend a few minutes observing the table at which you are going to play. This will give you precious clues about your opponents.

If you lose during your session

  1. Don’t play at a limit higher than your own. You’re more likely to lose everything than to recover your losses.
  2. Never make a loss against someone into a personal issue. Trying to beat a specific player is the quickest way to lose your hard earned bankroll.
  3. Don’t play more hands just to catch up. Staying with your usual selection will help you in the long run.

When you turn off the computer

  1. Think about the instances where you negotiated a certain hand badly and try to understand how you could have done better. Go back through each street of the hand and pick out areas where you could have made a better play.
  2. Check to see what your percentage of important wins was. If you are often below 65%, rethink your game
  3. Be objective with yourself, neither too easy nor too hard. Was it just an unlucky evening or did you play poorly throughout ?