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Buddy Lists

To see a list of your buddies online

  1. Click the 'Player' button at the bottom of the poker client or the 'Players' link at the very bottom of the left hand tree navigation.
  2. You can now search for any player by username
  3. Also ticking the 'Only Buddies' box and then clicking 'Search' will display any players you have set as buddies who are currently online.

To add a player as a buddy

  1. To add a player as a buddy simply left click on their name while at a table and tick the ‘Your Buddy’ checkbox

To find a buddy

  1. Click the 'Only Buddies' box on the player search page and click 'Search'.
  2. In the resulting list, double click on any buddy who is currently playing to go to their table. Buddies currently seated at a table will be highlighted in red.

Remove a player from your Buddy List

  1. You can remove a buddy from your list by left clicking on their name while they are seated at a table, and un-ticking the 'Your buddy' checkbox.